Claire Feeney Sustainability Strategist

About Clare

Based in New Zealand, I’m lucky to live and work in an outstanding and varied natural environment and a dynamic cultural environment. The memories of great travels and the hope of once more being able to safely cross borders, plus wide reading keeps me open to exciting new ideas in business, science, governance and innovation.

My favourite reads include the Harvard Business Review, New Scientist, Private Eye, Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, The New Zealand Listener, and numerous books and blogs.

Solid academic training in the natural sciences saw me working for three years in universities in Australia and New Zealand after gaining my Masters degree with a First Class Honours in physical geography.

More recently I ran a Master’s class in cleaner production, waste minimization and resource efficiency for business and a Master’s level class in Water and Society. I continue to give two 2-hour guest lectures every year to the Masters class in Urban Design at the University of Auckland School of Planning.

Twelve years experience in hands-on water and soil management for regional government and 30 years of consulting gave me in-depth experience with a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues that affect government and businesses.

My clients include:

  • manufacturers
  • civil construction consultants and contractors
  • farmers
  • professional and trades associations from the finsec to the energy sector
  • central, regional and local governments
  • universities
  • first peoples and community groups
  • water supply, stormwater and sewerage utilities (I haven’t fallen in yet!)

I’ve been fortunate to win three major awards for my professional speaking, environmental work and environmental training.

I want to live in a healthy world where everyone has the chance to lead a life of choice and meaning. This vision informed my book, “How to Change the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training”, with the second edition published in the UK in 2019. It sets up a way to create jobs, grow skills, increase profits and improve the environment, all at the same time. It comes with over 30 free resources that have come out of my unique expertise developed over many years.

My hands on operational experience informs my sustainability strategies, making them simple, practical, effective, measurable – and fun!

My current challenge is finding enough time for family and friends and getting out there into the natural environment for restoration and inspiration….