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The world faces a plethora of increasingly urgent environmental issues and a global skills shortage.

Environmental training can solve both these problems.If we are to sort out the climate, water, waste, food and other environmental issues that humanity faces, every job must become a green job – and fast.

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How to Change the World comes out of my 30+ years of environmental management and training. It supports environment and sustainability experts, professional trainers and workforce educators to transform every job into a green job.

To help you do that, the book is supported by a free Action Planner and a Toolbox page with over 30 other free resources.

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In How to Change the World: A Practical Guide to Successful Environmental Training, Clare makes environmental training accessible and impactful for you, the reader, and your audience. She successfully provides a framework for transitioning abstract ideas into practical realities. This book sets the standard as optical lens for environmental training programs.

 Dwane Jones, Ph.D., Acting Dean of the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) + International Trainer for NGICP, University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC

At a time when evidence is coming thick and fast as to the environmental damage humans are inflicting on the planet to be able to sustain life, we need practical ways to respond. Adult learning and education, of which environmental education and training is a crucial part, are vital in our individual and collective responses. This manual supports trainers and educators to know what to do, while deepening their understandings of the root causes of the problem. I welcome warmly this very helpful resource and trust many will put it to urgent use!

Professor Emerita Shirley Walters, Adult and Continuing Education, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

More and more organisations are realising that now is the time to take sustainability seriously. But how do you shift from business as usual to business that contributes to a positive collective future? In this fully updated version of her guide to environmental training, Clare Feeney shows organisations a way in. The guide is packed with inspiring case-studies, lively writing and, best of all, a series of steps, tools and web-based resources to enable any organisation to improve its environmental performance. Clare’s depth of experience and wisdom on good environmental practice and how to encourage people to commit to it shines through on every page.

Niki Harré, Professor, School of Psychology, University of Auckland, author of Psychology for a better world: Working with people to save the planet.

I love the layout, principles, and your conversational style. This book is a gem and I’ll spread the word.  Professor Mark Hostetler, Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, IFAS, University of Florida



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