Claire Feeney Sustainability Strategist


Provocative, informative and humorous, Clare is just who you need for your event. 

Are you:

  • interested in business metrics around skills, risk, profitability, value?
  • inspired, confused or turned off by the “S” word – sustainability?
  • looking to improve your staff recruitment, engagement, retention and productivity?
  • looking for a way to engage your people in better environmental management?

Then you are exactly who Clare works with. She is The Sustainability Strategist and an Accredited Professional Speaker.

Here you can find her most popular conference keynotes, masterclasses and workshops.

Your audiences will come away from her sessions inspired, informed and ready to roll!

Worried about Covid-19 disruptions? If you need to put your event online or engage Clare as a virtual presenter, she is very comfortable with online keynotes and workshops. Her personality comes right through the screen to your audiences’ hearts and minds.

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“Transitioning to the circular economy represents a $4.5 trillion opportunity, and has the potential to catalyse the biggest social, economic and environmental changes since the First Industrial Revolution.”
Peter Bakker, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).


Depending on your audience’s needs, Clare can deliver an inspiring and information-rich 40-60 minute keynote or a pithy keynote followed by a longer Q&A session.

Clare’s experience in many sectors allow her to tailor topic and content to the specific needs of your audience. Here are her most popular keynotes.

How to unlock the profit trapped in your protests.

“The bus was late.” “The car broke down.” Excuses – in 30 years of working with business and the environment, I’ve heard them all – and I’ve made some pretty good ones myself! Here you can learn to delve down to the precious information buried deep within our excuses for not doing sustainability. Find out how this unlocks much stymied productivity.

This keynote comes with a pre-conference online survey of your audience’s own sustainability excuses. I’ll report the results to your audience and reveal the best and worst of the 50 Great Sustainability Excuses I’ve collected over many years.

Also known as “Fifty Shades of Nay”, this topic is ideal for human resources and learning & development professionals, who will laugh and cry at this one, while your accounting and operations managers will have to crank up their calculators to add up the financial benefit to the firm.

Your audience will learn how the excuses we all make to swerve around sustainability are a key to unlocking your productivity potential. They’ll take away some tips about how to:

  • detect and decode excuses
  • work with them with grace and humour
  • track the creativity and productivity benefits that will follow.
How to leverage the environment to build a better business. 

Most companies focus on the risk their operations pose to the environment. But in reality, the environment poses a risk to your business. Think climate change, tighter regulation, a risk-averse financial sector … and more.

This keynote overviews the business risks posed by some major environmental trends that every smart business should have on its radar. Every risk provides business opportunities with very real bottom-line benefits. This four-step journey sets out the business case for excellent environmental management – and it comes with a free e-book with simple, practical tips and tools to get you started without speed wobbles.

This highly interactive topic speaks directly to the bottom line and is ideal for firms operating in a high-compliance environment and for organizations lending to or insuring them and investing in them.

I use real case studies and robust local and international research to show your audience how reframing the way they look at business and the environment will help them identify some often overlooked business risks and see how each one offers profitability opportunities.

Your audience will learn:

  • why environmental performance is such a good diagnostic of a company’s overall performance
  • how legal compliance is not a prison door but a gateway to becoming an agile and competitive firm
  • what you can do to transform environmental risks and threats into opportunities to grow a more innovative, sustainable and profitable business.

Learning for Life on Earth

“Higher environmental standards will kill jobs.” “Going green just adds costs for no benefit.” “You can’t go green if you’re in the red.”

These statements reflect very real worries for many companies, and for the government bodies working with them on environmental issues. Surprisingly, however, the evidence points the other way, with green jobs playing a growing role in creating much-needed jobs. In fact they are already a big and rapidly-growing sector of the economy, delivering an all-round better quality of life.

Based on my book How to Change the World: a practical guide to successful environmental training, this topic is ideal for businesses and business bodies delivering training; for government agencies seeing training as a solution to environment issues; and for technical, vocational and tertiary educators.

Firms operating in a high-compliance environment and organizations lending to or insuring them and investing in them will particularly benefit.

Every job will become a green job as we transition to a carbon-neutral, resource-efficient economy – so your audience needs to learn:

  • how environmental training creates green jobs – decent jobs that grow skills and profits while improving human wellbeing and the environment
  • how to set up effective long-standing and acclaimed environmental training programs using my proven success framework
  • how to measure the outcomes of your environmental training in terms of your business objectives and the social, environmental and economic goals of our government and governments all round the world.

Ask Clare about her other popular topics, including:

  • Bridging the skills gap: the four vital missing ingredients for growing our workforce environmental capability and capacity, and how they will deliver astounding results for business and the economy!
  • Learning for life on Earth: how environmental training really can save the world. Based on her book How to Save the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training, this presentation targets firms and government bodies needing to lift their compliance and grow their Sustain-Ability.
  • Vital signs: how environmental red flags swiftly diagnose business performance and warn lenders, investors and insurers to take a closer look at a company’s other vital signs – plus what today’s leading investors like Blackrock are looking for
  • ROI: how to measure and monetise the financial Return on Investment in environment & sustainability, health & safety and quality training, so you can justify your training budget, reduce your risk profile and track the broader sustainability outcomes of your projects.
  • The Existential Doughnut: how to navigate our intensifying economic, ecological and existential crises and find new meaning in work and life.

Enquire here about Clare’s availability for your next event. Her presentations deliver what your audience needs, be it:

  • hard data on the business case for sustainability
  • releasing the untapped creativity and productivity of your staff
  • insights and strategies for sustainability for your firm or for your sector
  • emerging paradigms of human, economic and ecological wellbeing
  • practical solutions to the environmental issues your company or jurisdiction faces.

Clare’s grasp of mega-trends in business, economics, risk, environment and wellbeing is backed up by a wealth of real-life experience, extensive reading and a host of anecdotes from working with many different sectors. It helps her t0 shine a light on how you can grow your sustainability capability.

Clare is happy to chat with you via video-conference, telephone or email to discuss how she can help you meet your conference’s themes and objectives – and send your audiences away fizzing with ideas for action.