My shop floor to boardroom experience gives me a wealth of data and anecdotes that your audiences will relate to.

Is your audience more technical or more popular?

No matter who they are, my Ig Nobel approach is to first make them laugh – and then make them think!

Your audiences will come away from my sessions inspired, informed
and ready to roll!

Take a look at my core keynote topics…

50 Great Excuses

From serious to hilarious, when you understand the reasons for not doing sustainability, you can gently unlock the profit trapped in your people’s protests.
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From "Ow!" to "Wow!"

Change often starts with pain! From “Ow!” to “Wow!” helps you navigate the milestones and tasks on the road to the gains of business sustainability – and profitability!
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The Existential Doughnut

Knowing why the economy isn’t working for people or the environment helps us figure out what we can to to find new meaning in work and life…
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Clare's SkillOmeter

Groans of recognition become sighs of relief as I show how Baron von Münchhausen, Michael Porter and Joseph Stiglitz can help us out of our skills-short world!
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My Success Framework

Is your audience not sure if training could solve an environmental problem? My 7 elements of success will help them make sure their  training makes a difference!
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Incidents and near misses

Low productivity links to lack of training, but we don’t count the cost of not training. Here I show health, safety, quality and environmental trainers how to mea$ure their value.
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Red flags for finsec

Following the money is no longer enough to define the viability of the businesses in your portfolio. Here I  reveal  what the best indicators of business viability really are.
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The Productivity Paradox

Aiming directly at productivity makes you more likely to miss the target. But what else do you aim at? Business leaders need to know the surprising answer to this question!
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Greenwash: who it hurts!

Who’d have thought we’d see greenwashing back in vogue?
Here I show who it really hurts, how to detect and avoid it, and why it’s really important to know this!
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Your keynote here!

Do you have a conference theme or highlight needing a keynote speaker? Then let’s talk! I’m happy to tailor my knowledge and content to your audience’s needs and aspirations. Email me now.
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I've never seen a presentation like this before – it shed new light on the skills shortage for me and I loved every word. I could have listened to you all day.

An engineer on my SkillOmeter presentation at Water New Zealand’s 2021 Stormwater Conference

Clare’s presentation was edgy, informative and refreshingly un-PC. I was really impressed … such huge potential for making a real difference to environmental outcomes.

Jenny Baker, at an environmental educators conference

You bring a fresh perspective to the most critical issues of our time, with insightful and inspiring views on concerns often portrayed as intractable and depressing. You turn complex ideas into subject matter they can relate to and all this you achieve with such wit and vitality – you are one of the few people who could make being ‘splattered with sewage’ sound like an attractive employment opportunity!

Elizabeth Aitken-Rose, Auckland University

I’m ready when you are! Your next keynote is right around the corner.