Here you can see testimonials from some of the keynotes and other presentations Clare has been privileged to give to many different audiences.



I really enjoyed your talk and it was really well received. Thank you! Simon Harvey, Convenor of the Fit for the Future Conference and Director of The Natural Step New Zealand. Click here to see Simon’s introduction to me, which is followed by my whole presentation.

Best talk they ever heard

Since your talk I’ve had two of the members tell me it was the best talk they’ve heard!!!! Mainly because you’d brought the concept of carbon footprint right down to the local level, and it made sense to them!! Well done Clare! Joy Stirling, Speakers Programme Assistant for Rotary Club of Epsom.


A key shift

I really like the concept of “Ow to Wow”, that is the key shift! Professor Niki Harré, Department of Psychology and Associate Dean Sustainability, University of Auckland. Author of ‘Psychology for a better world: Working with people to save the planet’.

Couldn’t stop talking about sustainability

Thank you very much for your presentation. The students could not stop thinking about sustainability, and they put no-waste concepts into their business ideas in the discussion that followed! Rosa Chow, Business Tutor, Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

Changed my view of sustainability

Clare changed my viewpoint on what sustainability means and helped me think more laterally about what can be done. I will go back and see what sustainability measures I can make and make a difference! Bupa Care Services

Other comments forwarded to me after my keynote presentation to Bupa Care Services:

  • Inspiring to talk about sustainability from many perspectives and think how we can implement it.
  • I will go back and see what sustainability measures I can make and make a carbon footprint difference!
  • Clare changed my viewpoint on what sustainability means and helped me think more laterally about what can be done.
  • I think Clare expanded on sustainability issues in a great way and I will apply this by explaining it to staff I interact with day to day.


Wit and vitality

You bring a fresh perspective to the most critical issues of our time and students commented on much they appreciated these insightful and inspiring presentations on concerns often portrayed as intractable and depressing. You turn complex ideas into subject matter they can relate to and provide them with concrete suggestions on the roles and actions they might take as professionals and individuals to make their communities more sustainable, flourishing places. All this you achieve with such wit and vitality – you are one of the few people who could make being ‘splattered with sewage’ sound like an attractive employment opportunity! Elizabeth Aitken-Rose, Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture and Planning, Auckland University.

We’ll definitely invite Clare back

Clare’s presentation “Profit, people or the planet? Economics for life and happiness” was entertaining, meaningful and thought provoking. Clare’s message was well defined and well-illustrated and her friendly professional style kept her audience fully engaged. Clare was able to customise her presentation for our audience and left them eager to hear more. We would definitely like to invite Clare back to address the audience again in the future. Donna Orwin, Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions, Auckland.

The audience were riveted

Clare, I loved your presentation! Your statistics blew me away and your stories were poignant, original and heartfelt without blaming me for environmental pollution! I looked around the room while you were speaking to gauge the audience reaction and they were riveted to you. I feel privileged to have met you Clare, because you’re passionate about your subject, you give high-value information and you’re approachable at the same time. Linda McDermott, FunKeyNote.


I loved every word!

Clare – I really enjoyed your workshop at the stormwater conference. It will be great to see these ideas expanded upon. Richard, water resources engineer

I’ve never seen a presentation like this before – it shed new light on the skills shortage for me and I loved every word. I could have listened to you all day. Mark, technical director


Refreshingly un-PC

Your presentation was ‘edgy, informative and refreshingly un-PC’. Anonymous conference attendee.

I was really impressed with your presentation… such huge potential for making a real difference to environmental outcomes. Jenny Baker, ECO (Environment & Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa).

I thoroughly enjoyed your session and learnt information that I hope to apply in my own workplace. Dr Coral Pepper from Edith Cowan University in Australia.


Fantastic presentation!

Your presentation at the conference was fantastic! The content was really interesting and original, and makes perfect sense!! All the best! Sarah Blagrove, Sustainability Lead at Bouygues Construction, Australia

Really interesting and informative

Your presentation on ROI for environmental training was really interesting and informative. Thank you! Caitlin Golder, Environmental Advisor, NX2 Group.


Standout speaker

Clare was the standout speaker at our Stormwater and Sediment Field Day. This event is held outside and it is a feat to address the 300 attendees. As the final speaker, Clare captivated and engaged the audience, finishing the presentations on a high note. Marcus Ballantyne, Auckland Council.

Pure inspiration!

It was a pure inspiration to listen to your speech yesterday afternoon! Danka Urta, Permathene.

Went down well with a tough audience

You presented some very well-developed thoughts on environmental performance and business success which went down extremely well with the contractors, who are a very tough-minded audience. Derrick Adams, CEO, HEB Construction Ltd.


A great presentation!

What a great presentation! A very different take on innovation for the contractors in the audience, and it really worked – a lot of people said how much they got out of it. Fiona Mountfort, Mountfort Consulting

I’ll make the most of this to continually improve the business

I always wondered why my best ideas came to me on my 100-kilometer cycling trips on the long straight road out to our beach house. They were always about my work, and I could never figure it out. After hearing Clare speak on innovation, now I know! And I’ll be making the most of this opportunity to continually improve the business. Neil Taylor, Business Development Manager, Geofabrics, Victoria, Australia.

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